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 Get 300GH/s free for joining whats absolutely the highest paying cloud miner out there and they make it so easy and fast to upgrade your hash rate it's unbelievable but it's the real deal. Just look at my stats to the right. That's only 1 1/2 months after joining and making a $10(USD) deposit worth of BTC and buying level 1 package. I now withdraw daily to coinsquare account where I can then send it to my Canadian bank account.

 To unlock the ability to withdraw to a wallet or convert GT to BTC you need to have purchased a min of $10 USD worth of hash rate. You can do that in two ways, convert your GT earnings into more hash rate or simply deposit a min of $10 USD worth of BTC onto your account and purchase a package.

 To maximize your earnings you will want to read the PDF Manual and complete your ID verification. (The KYC ID verification is currently under construction as should be back up very soon).

With New


Read the manual so you have a full understanding here! https://www.g

 New Updates

 1. Hash Vend System

Users are allowed to sell existing expired contracts, a minimum of 5TH ( 5000 GH ). New users or existing users can purchase expired contracts.
Benefits of using the "Hash Vend" system.

  • Old clients can sell expired contacts if they don't want to continue mining at the site.

  • New clients can buy cheaper hash power contracts sealed from the market.

  • New clients can choose to renew the contracts after purchasing them with a 25% discount.



 2. Merge Contracts Function

Merge contracts function is a method of merging all the expired contracts into one single contract. If you have a lot of contracts purchased from reinvestment, this function is useful for you. There is a one time 2% fee for every successfully merged contracts. The new contract is automatically renewed for 14 days at a discounted price (25%).

 3. Automatic Renew Function for E. Contract

Users can enable the automatic renewal of E. contracts. When the E. contracts are expired the system will automatically renew the contract if the token balance is sufficient.

 4. GT Slot Machine

A temporary Xmas slot machine will be available. Users can join and participate to win up to 5,000,000 GT as a "Mega Jackpot" with a Free Daily Spin. More info will be announced when the slot machine becomes available.

 5. Multi-user LVL Verification

We will replace the automatic "KYC" method due to the 3rd party "KYC" platform causing delays.
The new system allows the user to verify the account by uploading the following:

  • Personal ID:

  • Billing Statement / Bank Statement:

  • ITR:


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